Paul Finebaum has been breathing a lot of fire recently. Over the last few days, the SEC Network host has called Clemson’s Dabo Swinney the “most annoying winner in all of sports,” and said the Nick Saban dynasty at Alabama is coming to an end. You can bet those comments have received plenty of attention.

On Wednesday, Finebaum turned his attention to the College Football Playoff conversation. The latest rankings were released on Tuesday, and there’s currently a debate between No. 5 Utah and No. 6 Oklahoma, and which team should receive the fourth spot in the semifinal round, assuming both teams win their conference championship game and LSU defeats Georgia this weekend.

When asked which team would get that fourth spot in that scenario, Finebaum said Oklahoma deserves it. And he had to throw some shade at Utah in the process.

“Oklahoma is getting in,” Finebaum said. “Let’s be honest, the country does not want to see Utah in the College Football Playoff. I’m sorry. It’s Utah.”

Both Utah and Oklahoma are sitting at 11-1 this season. The Utes will play No. 13 Oregon for the Pac-12 title and Oklahoma has a rematch with No. 7 Baylor.

Don’t forget about the Bears, either. With Baylor in the seventh slot, a win over the Sooners would avenge their only loss, give Matt Rhule’s team a Big 12 title and end the year 12-1. They, too, would have a case.

It should be an interesting end to the college football season.