Now that we’re in November, we’re starting to see the best teams around the country put some distance between other ones.

On SportsCenter this morning, Paul Finebaum ranked his top four teams in the country going into next week’s games, along with comments:

4. Notre Dame: “Notre Dame is a team to watch out for.”

3. Ohio State: “Justin Fields has been absolutely flawless. Huge game last night in Happy Valley. I don’t see anyone stopping them the rest of the way.”

2. Clemson: “I’m moving Clemson down to No. 2, but without Trevor Lawrence, I think they lose a little bit.”

1. Alabama: “Alabama has just been unbelievable. Since trailing 2 weeks ago against Georgia, they won that game by 17. They beat Tennessee by 31 and Mississippi State by 41.”

This list will surely be shaken up again next week as Clemson travels to play Notre Dame, though Clemson will be without quarterback Trevor Lawrence.