Paul Finebaum delivered a brutally honest assessment of the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry on Wednesday.

Appearing on ESPN’s Get Up, Finebaum was asked about the current state of the rivalry. He admitted that he didn’t like sharing these comments in front of co-host Jalen Rose, but Finebaum also doesn’t see The Game as much of a rivalry at this point:

“If the Michigan fans would quit talking so much and acting like they’re better than they are,” explained Finebaum, “Then I would agree with your thesis…Michigan fans, their attitude is different than the average fanbase. They talk like they ARE Ohio State.

“I think you guys ought to print up placards, and signs, and sweatshirts: ‘We’re No. 2, we can’t beat Ohio State, we never will’ and just give up!”

When Rose gave a rebuttal that the series is still a rivalry, Finebaum countered with a different viewpoint. His take? The series is nothing more than a beatdown:

“It’s not a rivalry, it’s an annual beatdown,” said Finebaum.

Here’s the clip from Get Up:

It’s hard to see a major issue with Finebaum’s assessment. Ohio State has won eight straight, but beyond that, Michigan has just three wins in the series since 2000.