Add SEC Network host Paul Finebaum to the growing list of individuals who doesn’t understand the timing of the B1G’s decision on Tuesday. With a month until the first scheduled game and an incredible amount of flexibility built into the schedule, it seemed like the league had plenty of time to see what might unfold.

Instead, the B1G and Pac-12 threw up the white flag, surrendering the fall sports seasons for the 2020 season. The hope is to play in the spring, but that seems to be an incredibly difficult obstacle, especially for football.

The decision came less than a week after the B1G released a new schedule, complete with plenty of bye games and flexibility at the end of the schedule. You know, in case the conference thought it was necessary to delay.

Finebaum criticized the conference for pulling the plug so early.

“The timing of it makes no sense,” Finebaum said on Get Up. “I’m not advocating that anyone do anything that they don’t want to do, but there was simply no reason to shut down yesterday. That’s why there’s such chaos right now. And that’s another reason why the other three leagues I think are holding on for dear life. Whether it’s right or wrong, that will be determined later. They are taking advantage at the lack of direction that the Big Ten is going in.”

Right now, the Big 12, SEC and ACC are still pushing for a fall football schedule. The Sun Belt, AAC and Conference USA are still preparing to play in the fall at this time, as well.

If other leagues figure out a way to play, it could be incredibly difficult for the B1G to recover.