For six days, it was assumed that the B1G opted to cancel its fall football season in 2020 because presidents from around the conference voted to postpone until the spring. But in an eye-opening statement on Monday, Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour says that may not be the case.

While meeting with reporters via Zoom on Monday, Barbour was asked how Penn State University President Eric Barron voted. That’s when the PSU AD dropped the bomb.

“It is unclear to me whether or not there was a vote,” Barbour said, according to Audrey Snyder of The Athletic. “Nobody ever told me there was. I just don’t know.”

In a follow up, Andy Greder of the Pioneer Press reported that University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel has also stated that there may not have been a vote regarding the season.

So, it’s really unclear, at least right now, what led to the B1G’s final decision last Tuesday. Just six days after the league released a revised, conference-only schedule that would work for fall, the league pulled the plug on the whole thing.

Now, somehow, there are even more questions than answers.