Mississippi State had a bit of a scare with its live mascot Saturday.

“Bully” the bulldog is a staple at Mississippi State and traditionally roams the sidelines during football games. Unfortunately, he was involved in a collision over the weekend when an Auburn football player was shoved out of bounds.

The player’s momentum sent him sliding across the turf and all the way into the side of Bully. While the helmet and shoulder of the Auburn player hit Bully’s side, he appeared to only be shaken up.

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Here’s the clip of the incident in case you haven’t seen it:

Apparently, PETA caught wind of the incident, and they were not happy about it. They sent a letter to Mississippi State urging for Bully (Jak is the dog’s real name) to be removed from the sidelines.

Here are some of the highlights from that letter:

In light of this close call—which could easily have left Jak severely injured or even dead—as well as the cruelty inherent in using living beings as “mascots,” I urge you to retire Jak and pledge not to use live animals in the future…

Using vulnerable animals as mascots is a recipe for disaster. For example, at this year’s Sugar Bowl, Bevo, the longhorn steer used by the University of Texas, apparently broke out of an enclosure and charged the University of Georgia’s bulldog mascot, Uga, nearly trampling him…

Public opinion has turned against using animals for “entertainment,” and most universities and professional sports teams have switched to using costumed human mascots instead of real animals. Unlike animals, human mascots can lead cheers, interact with the crowd, and pump up the team—all willingly…

It will be interesting to see if Mississippi State does anything in response to PETA’s request.