Phil Steele is known widely as a college football expert.

He’s a member of the Football Writers Association of America and publishes an annual in-depth magazine about every team in college football. Today, Steele was on ESPN’s ‘Really Big Show’ and talked about both Ohio State and Michigan.

“If Penn State wins out, and that’s a big if, because they would still have to beat Michigan State next week and Michigan State plays a lot tougher as an underdog – but let’s say that scenario plays out – and it’s Penn State against Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game, I think as long as Ohio State beats Michigan, they’ll be in the playoffs even if they don’t have that conference champ behind them,” Steele said.

“And if Michigan beats Ohio State, they’ll be in the playoffs. I think if you give the eyeball test to teams like Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn State, you feel Ohio State is the best team. They’re the most balanced team, they’re a young team that’s getting better by the week.”

This could all very well be true, especially now that No. 5 Louisville just fell to an unranked Houston team. As long as other one-loss teams keep falling and a one-loss Ohio State or Michigan team is sitting there at the end of the year staring the CFP committee in the face, will they leave them out?

We won’t know until the end of the season, but these last couple weeks of the college football season are going to be a lot of fun.