Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi is making an offer he hopes Notre Dame can’t refuse. You’re either with the ACC or not.

Due to the upheaval caused by COVID-19, Notre Dame, historically an independent, is playing an all ACC schedule this season with just one out of conference game (second game of the season against South Florida). It has been an overwhelming success for the Fighting Irish and the conference with Notre Dame 7-0 and ranked second in the country (receiving votes).

Earlier this week, Narduzzi was asked about Notre Dame’s future in the ACC beyond this season. Because of the temporary nature of the affiliation for this year and Notre Dame’s storied fight to remain an independent, it is an intriguing idea for Notre Dame to consider joining the ACC.

Especially since Notre Dame competes in the ACC in all other sports.

“I hope they do. To me it is either you play with us or you don’t play with us. You know?,” Narduzzi said.

“You almost like to boycott them.But if you want to play in the ACC, come play in the ACC. I’m not the commissioner so that’s John Swofford’s job to help out there but to me, it’s either play or don’t play and if you don’t want to play let’s not give them five games. Let them go play BYU or whoever else they want to play. We shouldn’t be giving them games but they’re talented and we’d love to have them in the ACC for sure.”

This past weekend, Notre Dame beat then No. 1 Clemson to jump into second in the country.

Two weeks ago, Narduzzi’s Pitt lost to Notre Dame 45-3.