Auburn’s plans for a new Football Performance Center is truly a sight for sore eyes. A quick look at some of the renderings makes you believes it’s something from the future — which should have no trouble drawing in recruits.

The new plans include indoor and outdoor fields, hydrotherapy, a barber shop and many other crazy features. Below are some of the renderings shared by Nathan King of 247Sports.

As the tweet from King also says, the lounge area looks like something you would find on a rebellion ship in the Star Wars franchise.

It doesn’t stop there though as King received a blueprint for the building’s second-floor which has a flight simulator:

There are also two recording studios on the blueprint right outside the locker room which looks to be the size of an NFL one.

King also notes that the flight simulator is a great idea since the school is partnered with the Delta Propel Pilot Career Path Program:

We’ll have to see if the school adds anything else to their plan for the performance center, such as a room for where the hyperdrive is.