The debate rages on. This time, one of college football’s most recognizable head coaches is weighing in on the topic of College Football Playoff expansion.

Joining the Paul Finebaum Show on SEC Network, Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher talked about the idea of expanding the field from four team to eight, or potentially 16. After seven seasons with the current format, Fisher thinks it’s time add more teams to the mix in an attempt to find the sport’s best squad.

“I think if you’re gonna find the best team — the object was to have the four best teams. That’s what we always said we wanted when we got into the Playoff,” Fisher said on the show. “Well, conference championships at other places, is that gonna override [another team] — that doesn’t always make you the best team. So, I think, in my opinion, I think the Playoff has to expand. I really do.

“I think it has to go to eight teams and maybe more, whatever it becomes. Incorporate the bowls in it, because I think…it would enhance all the bowls if we put them in a Playoff situation. And I think you’d find the best teams in the Playoff. I think with four you’re still leaving it out a little bit, in my opinion. Because other conference championships — the two or three best teams may be in one conference. I don’t know. And I’m not trying to go against conference champions, but I think if you’re gonna really find the best teams, I think you have to expand the Playoff, incorporate the other bowls into it and let everybody get a piece of that.”

Texas A&M just missed the cut to reach the College Football Playoff in 2020, finishing the regular season with an 8-1 record. The only loss for the Aggies was to No. 1 Alabama. That’s probably why Fisher is now eager to expand the field.

Clemson, Ohio State and Notre Dame all competed for the national championship this season.

Right now, the talk about expansion is simply that. Talk. But with more coaches, athletic directors and even some school presidents speaking up, could we see a change soon?