ESPN has been doing quite a lot to celebrate the 150th anniversary of college football. Most notably, the four-letter network has produced a “CFB 150: The Greatest” series to highlight the best of the sport.

This week’s topic was uniform. A panel of ESPN broadcaster, writers and reporters talked about their favorite college football uniforms over the years. As you can imagine, the B1G had plenty of representation.

Three B1G teams made the list, with Michigan, Penn State and Ohio State all being recognized. Not all three earned a mention for their full uniform, though.

Michigan’s winged helmet earned the No. 3 spot on the list, behind Notre Dame’s gold helmet and the Houndstooth hat worn by Alabama head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.

Penn State’s full uniform came in at No. 6 and Ohio State’s Buckeye sticker was two spots lower at No. 8. Below is the full list:

Those are some iconic uniforms and uniform features to make the list. Though should Bryant’s hat really count? That should probably be up for debate. At the very least, it should probably be closer to the bottom.

What do you think? Do you agree with this list from ESPN?