Pat Narduzzi and Geoff Collins probably won’t be sending each other Christmas cards this holiday season. At least not based off of what happened following Thursday night’s Georgia Tech-Pitt game.

The two ACC squads battled on Thursday night with the Panthers posting a 34-20 win over the Yellow Jackets. Pitt improved to 6-5 on the year while GT dropped to 3-7. But it’s not the final score or the records that many are talking about right now.

After the game, Narduzzi and Collins met at midfield for the traditional postgame handshake. That’s where things got interesting. In a hurry to get off the field, Collins ripped his hand away from Narduzzi in aggressive fashion.

Needless to say, Narduzzi had some words for Collins following the incident.

Narduzzi has never been bashful about speaking his mind or telling folks how he feels, so he probably didn’t hold back when yelling at Collins, either.

Thursday night’s game marked the end of the regular season for Pitt, which finishes with a winning record. Georgia Tech still has one game left on the docket, taking on No. 10 Miami on Saturday, Dec. 19.