One thing that has mostly disappeared in the age of COVID-19 and social distancing is the brawl.

Well, Mizzou and Florida decided to bring that back on Saturday night. As the game headed into halftime, both sides got heated. That led to the teams getting into what can only be called a brawl or melee that led to a whole lot of punches being thrown and a few ejections.

The fight was sparked by the final play of the first half. As the Gators attempted a Hail Mary, quarterback Kyle Trask took a wicked hit from a Tiger defender. That set off the Florida sideline and the mayhem ensued.

The punches came out fast and furious but led to the odd idea of punching a guy with a football helmet on. Most peoples’ reactions would be “That’s not going to hurt the other guy’s head, that’s just going to hurt my fist.”

Well, that logic never came and a lot of punching continued. It took several minutes to separate the two sides. The teams continued barking at each other and so did the coaches. Eventually, Mizzou coach Eli Drinkwitz and Florida coach Dan Mullen exchanged pleasantries and walked off. But Mullen had to take his excitement to a level only rivaled by the WWE.

After clearing out the craziness, the officials gave each player on both teams a personal foul. Three players were also ejected from the game.

The second half should be interesting and gave a whole lot of people who didn’t care about Florida-Mizzou a chance to tune in.