A questionable targeting call in the national championship game led to an ejection for Clemson linebacker James Skalski.

In the second half of Monday night’s title game, Joe Burrow completed a pass to Justin Jefferson to move LSU closer to the end zone. After the catch, Jefferson took quite a shot from Skalski, which appeared to be clean. At least at first glance.

But the officiating crew calling the game decided to take a closer look at the hit and determined that there was a targeting foul on Skalski. That led to an ejection and the end of the game for the Clemson linebacker. Below is a closer look at that hit:

That’s a tough one to accept, especially in a game of this magnitude in a crucial juncture in the game. LSU went on to score a touchdown to make it a two-score game in the third quarter.

Should this have been ruled targeting?