If nobody would’ve given him the hook, Ed Marinaro might still be up at the podium talking. The former Minnesota Vikings running back is responsible for possibly the longest NFL Draft pick in history.

Friday night, in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft, Marinaro was one of several guests to announce a selection during the event in Las Vegas. He took the podium to announce the Vikings No. 42 overall pick … except he took his sweet time to do so.

Marinaro rambled for so long that someone had to inform him that he needed to announce the pick or he’d be booted off the stage. Eventually, after a 3-minute monologue, Marinaro delivered the announcement.

Minnesota selected Clemson cornerback Andrew Booth Jr.

Below is the video:

There were about four times throughout the speech that you thought Marinaro might actually stop and announce the pick. Alas, it wasn’t until someone cut him off that he decided to put an end to his story-telling.

The NFL Draft is a long, 3-day event. We don’t need any reason to make it last any longer.