Wisconsin put up quite a fight in the Big Ten Championship Game.

The Badgers were supposed to lose by nearly 17 points to Ohio State, yet led 21-7 at halftime. In the end, the Buckeyes went on a 27-0 run to win the game 34-21. For a long time, though, the game had everybody on the edge of their seats.

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On Tuesday, ratings came out for what the 2019 Big Ten Championship Game were. They were impressive, to say the least:

Each of these points listed above are pretty amazing. The 2019 version of the game was the second most-watched B1G Championship ever. It was the most-watched CFB game on FOX this season. This year’s version beat out last year’s version in terms of viewers by 56 percent.

And, maybe most importantly in this day and age, it was FOX Sports’ most-streamed CFB game ever. That’s right, ever. That’s important in 2019 and beyond.

Ohio State-Wisconsin was a great game involving two great teams. Whenever that happens, people watch — no matter the method.