Rece Davis gave his thoughts on the College Football Playoff’s initial rankings that released on Tuesday night.

Davis had Ohio State as the No. 1 team on his Associated Press ballot, and he understood the committee’s rankings. In the Playoff rankings, Ohio State checked in at No. 2. In an appearance on WJOX’s “McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning,” Davis gave his thoughts on the initial rankings:

“I can’t rank in good conscience Georgia over Tennessee because of the resume although I think all 3 of these teams are really, really similar,” Davis said. “You could make a case for all 3.”

In his explanation, he accounted for Tennessee’s resume with wins over Florida, LSU, Alabama, and Kentucky. When it came to Ohio State, he believed that the Buckeyes would get the best of Tennessee in a meeting. He also brought up the result of a potential Georgia-Ohio State game:

“That is pure football judgment, I think they’d win the game against Tennessee,” Davis said. “I’d probably pick Georgia to beat Ohio State just on matchups.”

Davis continued to say that Clemson being ranked over Michigan surprised him. He also noted that he did not expect to see TCU ranked behind Alabama. Even though he did not expect the results, he saw it as “reasonable takes”:

“There wasn’t anything that angered me, or made me jump up and down and this is a complete outrage,” Davis said. “I thought it was completely justified and probably the right thing to do to have Tennessee on top given the criteria that they would evaluate.”

The Playoff rankings will continue to unfold over the next month.