With college campuses and sporting events everywhere taking Coronavirus precautions, it’s no surprise that at least one college football team may have been impacted.

Kelly Hines of Tulsa World is reporting, per sources, that 2 University of Tulsa football players are being quarantined as a precaution after potential exposure to the virus. According to Hines’ report, the relative of one of the players is the second documented case of coronavirus in Tulsa County. The woman, in her 20s, recently returned from Italy. The player’s roommate, a teammate, is also being quarantined. Tulsa appears to be taking extra precautions, as according to Hines, the player has not been in direct contact with the relative, but he has possibly been around other family members who have been around her.

Multiple SEC programs have already started spring practice, which concludes with spring games. With coronavirus concerns, attendance is likely to be down at spring games (if they’re not closed to the public). Multiple SEC universities have already moved to having classes online instead of in-person over coronavirus concerns.