B1G players and parents may begin to see some answers out of the conference, even if it means an attorney has to pull it out of the league.

Wednesday afternoon, Angelique Chengelis of The Detroit News reported that prominent college athletics attorney Tom Mars has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with Michigan State University. Th specifics are currently unavailable in regards to what information Mars is seeking.

Mars is filing the request on behalf of parents of B1G football players, hoping to get information on why the decision was made.

Earlier this week, Mars told Jon Jansen on SiriusXM Radio that he was “on the verge” of filing a request under the Freedom of Information statute. It appears he’s planning to deliver on that.

“I’m not sure the B1G knows this but, one way or the other, the players and the parents are going to get their hands on at least most of the information that was available to the B1G when they voted on this decision. If they did vote. Maybe they didn’t,” Mars said. “And people may wonder ‘How are they going to do that?’ It’s not only simple, it’s the next step in the process. And I’m actually on the verge of coordinating a massive request for emails, text messages, presentations and financial analysis from all member institutions of the B1G, and they’ll be required to produce those by the Freedom of Information statute.”

Mars said that commissioner Kevin Warren and the B1G presidents staying so quiet is a huge mistake.

“Why wouldn’t the commissioner proactively release that information and explain it and put it in context,” Mars argued. “In my view, the longer Kevin Warren resists calls for transparency the more likely it is that he’s gonna have a very short tenure as [B1G] commissioner.”

After eight days with no answers and very little explanation, Mars is seeking to finally make the information available.