Don’t make alternate plans for those fall Saturdays just yet, B1G fans. There appears to still be a small glimmer of hope that the conference could reconsider playing football in the fall.

On Monday night, Bill Rabinowitz of The Columbus Dispatch took to Twitter to say that there’s still a chance the B1G discusses the opportunity of playing football this fall again. Based on a conversation with an attorney who worked within college football for quite some time, the recent backlash from players and parents may at least lead to another conversation.

“An attorney I respect who long worked inside college football programs predicts that the pressure from parents, players and some schools will result in [the] B1G reconsidering its cancellation of fall sports,” Rabinowitz wrote on Twitter. “COVID-19 might force a re-cancellation but expects a second chance.

“The lawyer – not Tom Mars – said if wavier liability is, well, waived, that would be a big development. The new saliva-based COVID-19 test also could be a big step toward a second look.”

Speaking of Tom Mars, the longtime prominent college athletics attorney also believes there’s a good chance the B1G reconsiders. In a separate story by Rabinowitz from the Columbus Dispatch, Mars said the backlash from parents and the petition from Justin Fields could end up making a big difference.

“I think it’s going to matter a lot,” Mars said, according to The Columbus Dispatch. “I think it already matters. I don’t think this dilemma is going to be solved in a court of law. I think it’s going to be solved in the court of public opinion. I can’t think of any individual in college football — player, coach or otherwise — who has more credibility and respect than Justin Fields.”

Mars said that B1G commissioner Kevin Warren will likely get a second chance to “do the right thing.”