B1G commissioner expected some disappointment when he and the 14 presidents and chancellors from around the conference made the difficult decision to call off the fall sports season in 2020. Apparently he didn’t expect so much criticism.

Joining the Paul Finebaum Show on SEC Network on Friday, Chicago Tribune reporter Teddy Greenstein said that Warren did not expect so much scrutiny over the decision. In the nearly two weeks since the conclusion was reached, players, parents and coaches have been harsh critics of the final ruling.

Warren does understand the frustration with the process, though. With a lack of communication and transparency, he says that he dropped the ball.

“It was completely mishandled. It was botched,” Greenstein told Finebaum. “Kevin and I talked the other day and he agreed.”

Parents of B1G football student-athletes from several schools wrote letters to the B1G commissioner. Players spoke out against the decision. Justin Fields launched a petition that received nearly 300,000 signatures calling for the conference to overturn its own decision.

None of it will make a difference. Warren confirmed on Wednesday that the decision will not be revisited and the league will look at implementing a successful spring football season.

Still, there’s incredible frustration around the league surrounding this decision. Apparently Warren didn’t believe it would cause such a stir. He’s received quite the wake-up call over the last two weeks.