A B1G women’s basketball official was taken off the floor on a stretcher following Wednesday’s Rutgers-Michigan State women’s basketball game in East Lansing after a player inadvertently ran into her.

The New York Post reported that Angie Enlund was taken to a hospital after taking a hard hit from Rutgers player Tekia Mack, who inadvertently ran into Enlund following the game. Enlund was hit hard and was one the ground for minutes before being taken off on a stretcher.

The incident occurred after the final buzzer sounded. Per The Post, Enlund did have mobility in her extremities. She was kept overnight to because of a concussion.

“I know she was unconscious for a period of time,” Michigan State coach Suzy Merchant said. “They took her in an ambulance, but it’s a very scary and serious thing. She hit very, very hard. She hit her head really hard, so I would just pray for her and her family and hope that she is going to be OK.”

Rutgers won the game 63-53.