The inevitable fate of the College Football Playoff is that it will expand into a larger bracket. While nothing is set in stone right now, there’s serious momentum heading towards a 12-team format.

Since its still in the early stages of the discussion, details are fairly vague.

Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated could confirm, though, that the option of playing all games in a 12-team bracket at bowl sites is a legitimate possibility and has been discussed. In the initial conversations, it seemed likely that first-round games would be play on campuses.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby told Dellenger “that’s certainly an option” to play all Playoff games at a bowl site. That would include quite a bit of travel, though.

Playing that many games away from a campus stadium could become pretty pricey, especially for fans wanting to attend. But it’s important to remember that the College Football Playoff is currently keeping all options on the board and considering the best plan of action.

There are several things to consider as the leaders look into expanding from a four-team field to a 12-team model. Right now, it sounds like everything is really still on the table.