In the evolving world of college football, there could be more changes coming in the near future. A report from CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd indicates that transfer portal windows and scholarship limits could be up for discussion.

The idea for the transfer portal would be to limit the time in which student-athletes can enter their name in the database. Currently, there’s a 9-month period (Aug. 1-May. 1) in which a player can enter the portal and retain immediate eligibility at the next institution for the following season.

Per Dodd, the AFCA is looking at two “windows” — the last Sunday in November until the Early Signing Period or 5 days following a player’s bowl game. The other date would come from April 15-May 1, essentially following the conclusion of spring football.

Student-athletes had until May 1 to submit paperwork to enter the NCAA transfer portal to keep eligibility for the 2022 college football season at their next stop. Any submissions after will result in the player sitting out for one season unless granted a waiver from the NCAA.

Dodd also indicated that the scholarship limits could be under consideration for change by the NCAA Division I Council. Per the report, it would eliminate the 25-scholarship limit per recruiting class.

However, the 85-scholarship limit for a program would remain in place.

As college athletics continues to change with NIL, the transfer portal and other items, the NCAA is looking to keep up with the times. It probably should’ve gotten a start on this much earlier.