It didn’t take long, did it?

While the creation and implementation of the NCAA transfer portal might’ve been a great idea in theory — providing student-athletes with the opportunity to explore options outside of their current institution — a recent report from ESPN indicates that tampering is already running wild throughout the sport. Prominent coaches have noticed the uptick in “cheating.”

According to ESPN, one Power 5 assistant coach said, “The cheaters just keep cheating.” He also called it “unbelievable” with regards to the number of coaches who reached out to players on the roster who hadn’t entered the transfer portal.

Under current NCAA rules, once a player enters their name into the transfer portal, they are permitted to have contact with coaches from outside schools. However, it is against policy for those coaches to reach out to any student-athletes who have not yet entered the portal.

ESPN also reported that another Power 5 coach called it the “wild, wild West” with the transfer portal.

“You have teams trying to poach kids,” an ACC assistant coach told ESPN. “There’s a lot of shady s*** going on.”

The NCAA transfer portal was created recently to make the process easier for student-athletes to transfer out of a program and explore their options if they weren’t happy at their current institutions. Clearly, though, several coaches are taking advantage of the new system.

With the NCAA passing a new one-time transfer rule that allows student-athletes to be immediately eligible at their next institution, there could be an even larger increase in tampering in the sport.

Will the NCAA be able to slow down any of it? Right now, it doesn’t seem very likely.