A recent story from Yahoo Sports’ Pete Thamel is the most discouraging yet regarding an outlook for the 2020 college football season.

On Monday, Thamel reported that hope for having a college football season in the fall is at an all-time low. Based on quotes from several anonymous high-ranking officials within the sport, many believe the 2020 season is all but scrapped at this point.

“Right now, I don’t see a path in the current environment to how we play,” one Power Five athletic director told Thamel. “I’m confident we’ll get back to what we all think of as normal, but it may be a year before that happens.”

Another statement from a “high-ranking college official” provided a similar, grim outlook.

“Ultimately, no one is playing football in the fall,” the unnamed individual told Thamel. “It’s just a matter of how it unfolds. As soon as one of the ‘autonomy five’ or Power Five conferences makes a decision, that’s going to end it.”

One Power Five coach went as far as to tell Thamel “I think the season being canceled is a foregone conclusion.”

While no final decisions have yet been made at any of the FBS levels at this time, it sure seems like most are starting to accept the fact that football may not happen in 2020. We may need a miracle to see the season in played.