Divisions across college football conferences might be the casualties of an expanded College Football Playoff field, according to a report from Yahoo’s Pete Thamel.

As the College Football Playoff continues to discuss to potential of expansion from a four-team model to a 12-team format, there are several unknowns about what the future of the sport would look like. But one thing that could be eliminated is the divisions within conferences.

Thamel reports that, with more opportunities for conferences to land multiple teams in the College Football Playoff, it could lead leagues to scrap divisions and have the two best teams compete for a conference title.

“As leagues prepare to discuss the 12-team playoff, the fate of divisions will be in the crosshairs,” Thamel wrote. “With more at-large bids at stake, leagues may find more urgency to put their two best teams in the league title game. Expect leagues to make a deep dive on the potential impact.

“There’s multiple scenarios to consider. Could a league’s top ranked team get upset by an 8-4 team and end up with the league getting shut out of CFP? Also, could and upset allow two teams in the league to get in. (Much like the Clemson-ND scenario from this division-less season.)”

It’s an interesting question for the college football minds to consider. Conferences may take different approaches to start, as well.┬áJust another factor to think about as a 12-team model for the College Football Playoff becomes more of a reality in the coming days and months.