A report from ESPN suggests that many of the major decision makers in college football are keeping an eye on the B1G and Pac-12, to see if one or both of those conferences makes a call on the fall sports season in the coming days.

Breaks in the dam began appearing on Saturday, when the Mid-American Conference (MAC) announced that it would no longer be hosting sports in the fall. Instead, the league is hoping to attempt to move those athletic seasons to the spring, including college football.

The MAC was the first FBS conference to make the call.

Now, according to a report from ESPN, there’s a strong belief that the B1G or the Pac-12 could be next to call off the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Yahoo’s Pete Thamel, B1G presidents met on Saturday with “all options” on the table, including the possibility of cancelling the season entirely.

At this time, no decision has been made.

“As much as the Big 12, SEC or anybody else wants to play and is making preparations to play, the presidents and chancellors aren’t going to want to be on an island by themselves,” a Power 5 athletic director told ESPN. “They will be the ones to shut it down, even if the league commissioners are determined to hold out. … Everybody’s going to be watching what the Pac-12 and B1G do over these next few days. That’s for sure.”

The B1G was the first major power conference to announce that it would be shifting to a league-only schedule for the 2020 season. The Pac-12 wasn’t far behind in making that decision.

On Wednesday, the B1G released its revised 10-game schedule for the season, and commissioner Kevin Warren said he felt comfortable enough for teams to begin fall training camp. However, on Saturday, the conference put limitations on fall camp, saying only helmets will be permitted for the foreseeable future and not allowing teams to go into full pads.

Could that be the first sign that Power 5 conferences will follow the MAC’s lead? The clock is ticking and decisions will have to be made very soon.