We’ve already seen universities and athletic departments make certain cuts due to the lost revenue because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Some coaches and athletic staff are taking pay cuts, others are being furloughed and some departments have even had to start cutting certain sports.

Florida International University is seeing one of its athletics programs cut, while the school’s athletic director will also defer his salary because of the pandemic.

According to Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press and Brett McMurphy of Stadium, FIU Athletic Director Pete Garcia will defer his $400,000 salary next year in an effort to offset the financial issues the school is experiencing. In addition, the men’s indoor track & field program will be discontinued.

FIU does plan to honor the scholarships for the student-athletes in the sport, according to the report.

Other universities have taken similar measures across the country during such unprecedented times. While FIU isn’t the first to make the move, it’s unlikely to be the last.