Need some good news about playing sports during a pandemic? A recent report from indicates that, even with high school football back in full swing in most states, there haven’t been any notable outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic in communities to date.

According to FootballScoop, there have been over 1,000 high school football games across the country. As of know, there have been no significant cases of community spread after a high school football game.

While it’s hard to predict whether or not that will remain the cases or not, it seems like a positive sign for high school sports. It’s probably also a good sign for sports competing at other levels, as well.

Per FootballScoop, Utah was the first state to welcome back high school football, with four weekends already in the books. Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee and Alaska have been playing for three weeks and several others have two weeks worth of games under their belts.

FootballScoop provided graphs in its report. You can view that information here.