A handful of athletic directors across the country are fearing the worst — there will be no college football this season. In a recent report from Stadium’s Brett McMurphy, around 20 percent of college ADs believe the chances of a football season happening is 50 percent due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

McMurphy said that nearly one-fifth of all FBS athletic directors are concerned that the full college football season will not be played this fall, which would result in some serious financial ramifications for athletic departments across the country. A few ADs chimed in on what it would mean, and several were quite blunt.

From Stadium:

And if there is no college football, a majority of the 130 FBS athletic directors contacted by Stadium predict dire consequences for the sport.

“There better be (a season) or many programs will be out of business,” an athletic director said.

“Quite simply,” added another AD, “it would be devastating.”

Another AD was more direct: “If there’s no season, we will be f*****.”

College football is the cash cow for other collegiate athletics, funding most of the other sports on campus. The amount of money lost from ticket sales, sponsorship, donations and television would be a devastating blow to the entire college athletics landscape.

Obviously, there are still several months between now and the start of the college football season. But athletic directors are worried that, at the very least, the 2020 season won’t start on time.