The Ivy League’s decision has been made. For the time being, all fall sports have been canceled for the 2020-21 academic year, according to multiple reports.

Dana O’Neil of The Athletic reported on Wednesday that the Ivy League has decided to shut down all fall sports due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It was also the first conference to cancel its league basketball tournament in March when the first outbreaks of coronavirus were spreading across the country.

O’Neil reported that the Ivy League is hoping to play fall sports during the spring semester, but it will reassess the situation at a later date. She also noted that all sports for the conference have been canceled through Jan. 1.

Many suspect the Ivy League’s decision could have a domino effect for the rest of college football. However, that won’t necessarily be the case due to the financial situation. At the FBS level, football is a much bigger revenue generator than at the FCS and Ivy League level.

Stadium’s Brett McMurphy reported that one source told him that the Ivy League’s action may not exactly impact schools at the FBS or Power Five level. “Ivies aren’t as vulnerable financially,” the source said.

Still, it’s the first major conference to make such a drastic move at this time. Conferences at the FBS level are expected to make a decision on the college football season at the end of the month.