The controversy from Sunday’s Rams-Saints NFC Championship game has one local attorney feeling the urge to file a civil suit on behalf of New Orleans season ticket holders, according to a report.

Travers Mackel of WDSU in New Orleans reported that Frank D’Amico Jr. has filed a suit in Civil District Court for Orleans Parish to ask the courts to order NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to do something about the missed pass interference penalty at the end of the game.

The blatant missed call likely cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. It came near the end of regulation and, had a penalty flag been thrown, would’ve allowed New Orleans to attempt a game-winning field goal. Instead, the Saints were forced to kick much earlier, allowing Los Angeles a chance to tie the game at the end of regulation.

The Rams went on to win 26-23 in overtime.

Below is the press release regarding the civil suit that was filed:

D’Amico points to a section in the NFL rulebook that allows Goodell to reverse the outcome of the game in extreme situations. The chance of that happening, however, is slim to none.

That rule was pointed out by Saints receiver Michael Thomas following the loss.

It’s hard to imagine this lawsuit will go very far.