A recent report from USA Today alleges that LSU has neglected to properly handle multiple complaints of sexual misconduct, which involves at least nine players from the football team since Ed Orgeron was named the head coach in 2016.

Kenny Jacoby, Nancy Armour and Jessica Luther of USA Today reported on the complaints.

Former LSU running back Derrius Guice was accused of rape twice and also accused of once taking and sharing an inappropriate photograph of a female student. Per the report, school officials either “doubted the women’s stories, didn’t investigate or didn’t call the police.”

Former receiver Drake Davis also reportedly punching his girlfriend in the stomach, an allegation he admitted to while pleading guilty to battery of a dating partner. LSU was made aware of the situation but Davis was not expelled until four months after his guilty plea.

USA Today reports that school officials were made aware that Davis was abusing the woman, but “sat on the information for months.”

Davis and Peter Parrish, a quarterback, are the only two individuals of the nine who have been accused of sexual misconduct to be disciplined by the team.

“I just think that honestly they don’t care,” one of the women told USA Today. “The whole system is on the side of the accused.”

Orgeron says the football program has followed all necessary procedures.

“We are committed to a culture of safety, equity and accountability for all students and staff. We provide education, training and resources to combat violence, sexual misconduct, and inequality,” Orgeron said. “When we become aware of accusations, we have an obligation to immediately report every allegation to the University’s Title IX office so that appropriate due process can be implemented.”

You can read the full report from USA Today here.