With college athletic departments across the country dealing with significant decreases in revenue this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, coaches and staff members in all sports have been hit with reductions in pay. That’s been the case at Iowa State, but it certainly isn’t the only school to experience similar ramifications.

Iowa State head football coach Matt Campbell and his staff are taking 10 percent pay cuts this year to help offset some of the costs the athletic department will face this year. But since not every contract is as lucrative as Campbell’s, the head coach is helping out by covering some of the costs for his assistant coaches.

“Iowa State football coach Matt Campbell is helping his assistant coaches offset a portion of the 10% salary reduction they will absorb during the athletic department’s temporary COVID-19 salary cuts,” wrote Randy Peterson of the Des Moines Register. “According to documents the Register received through Iowa’s Open Records Law, Campbell’s 10% salary reduction between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021, amounts to a total of $497,124 — $350,000 based on the reduction of his average of $3.5 million-a-year salary through Dec 31, 2025, and an additional $147,000 to offset some of the reduction from an assistant coach salary pool.”

Peterson reported that Iowa State’s assistant salary pool for last year was approximately $5 million.

Campbell isn’t the only head coach to see a reduction in pay. Some schools have implemented similar salary cuts during this time, while others have voluntarily offered to donate a portion of their earnings back to the department to assist in the process.

Iowa State’s athletic department has also implemented other ways to save money during the coming fiscal year.