The NCAA Board of Governors has reportedly approved the recommendation from the Division I Council and allowing all fall student-athletes to retain the 2020-21 season as a year of eligibility. It does not matter how many competitions they compete in.

Brett McMurphy of Stadium reported that the Board of Governors approved the recommendation from the Council that fall sports student-athletes retain a year of eligibility, regardless of the number of competitions they participate in this year. In other words, this year could serve as an additional year of eligibility for players.

The NCAA Board of Governors met on Friday to discuss the topic.

Last week, the NCAA announced that it was postponing all fall sports championships, planning to move those to the spring. However, individual teams or conferences could still compete in the fall, but would not be eligible for a national championship.

That rule does not apply to FBS football, as the NCAA does not control that championship.

However, the NCAA’s decision will impact student-athletes in every sport that is played in the fall — even if competition starts back up in the spring.