One of the biggest topics concerning the NCAA this offseason was the idea of allowing student-athletes to have a one-time transfer opportunity, allowing them to have immediate eligibility if they decided to leave their previous institution.

It sounds as though those conversations will be pushed back by a few months as the NCAA attempts to grapple with other situations that have come from the coronavirus pandemic. According to Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports, the association is looking to table the vote on immediate eligibility until the summer.

Rothstein reported that it’s likely the NCAA will push the vote back from April to June.

The NCAA’s transfer policies and inconsistencies in providing immediate eligibility waivers has come under harsh scrutiny in recent years. It prompted conferences like the B1G and ACC to move forward with the idea of allowing a one-time transfer rule that would not restrict student-athletes from participating in the following athletic season.

Right now, obviously, the NCAA is dealing with other things — including the potential waiver to allow student-athletes an additional year of eligibility if they were winter or spring sport athletes and their seasons were cut short. The association is also looking into potential dates of when college athletics can resume.