The current public health crisis involving COVID-19 will likely delay the NCAA’s opportunity to look into the name, image and likeness situation involving college athletes, according to a report.

College basketball insider Jon Rothstein reported that the NCAA will likely put the name, image and likeness conversation on the table and revisit it at a later time. Currently, the NCAA is working on coming up with resolutions to many questions and concerns revolving around the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, the NCAA has been forced to cancel winter and spring sports competitions, including the March Madness basketball tournament, a huge source of revenue for the association.

The NCAA has put a committee in charge of looking at the possibility of players profiting off their name, image and likeness, but it’s been in the beginning stages. It would’ve seemed unlikely that a resolution was reached anytime soon, but now that process will take even longer.

Several states have already worked on legislation that would allow players to profit from their name, image and likeness, so it seems inevitable that something will be put into place by the NCAA, but it may take some time.