A report on Friday reveals that the NCAA is making suggestions to schools regarding their handling of COVID-19 testing as student-athletes continue to return to campus.

On June 1, the NCAA lifted its moratorium on organized team activities, and several schools took advantage of the chance to allow student-athletes, coaches and staff to return to campus. Testing protocols and health and safety guidelines were put in place, with athletic departments conducting multiple tests each week.

Friday morning, Brett McMurphy of Stadium reported that the NCAA has made a suggestion to schools regarding the testing policy of student-athletes. Per a source from McMurphy, the association advised schools that after a student-athlete has tested positive for the virus, they won’t need to be screened again for three months unless they show symptoms.

McMurphy provided the example that, if a student-athlete tests positive in July, that individual will not have to be tested again until October.

It’s unclear whether or not schools will follow that advice or whether conference commissioners, school presidents and athletic directors will continue with their current methods.