When the contract for the four-team version of the College Football Playoff expires, an overwhelming number of athletic directors would like to see the format expand, according to a recent survey from Satdium.

Brett McMurphy of Stadium conducted a survey, asking FBS athletic directors if they’d be in favor of an expanded playoff. A whopping 88 percent of them are in favor of some sort of expansion.

According to McMurphy’s survey, 72 percent of athletic directors believe there should be an eight-team field when the current contract expires after the 2025 regular season. Eight percent believe there should be a 16-team field and five percent are in favor of a six-team setup.

Most ADs agree that the best format — in an eight-team scenario — would feature all Power Five conference champions receiving an automatic bid, as well as one for the highest-ranked Group of Five team. The field would also feature two at-large bids.

Talk of College Football Playoff expansion has been on the table since the new format was adopted during the 2014 season. With some controversy about which team deserved the fourth and final bid in the past, an eight-team field might be the remedy to that conversation.

It will still be a few years before there’s a serious discussion, but it sounds like most athletic directors want more teams competing for a title.