Some major changes could be coming to the NCAA’s governance structure in the coming months and years, according to a report from Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger. Word of president Mark Emmert’s retirement from the organization may kickstart a new era of college athletics.

According to the report from SI, the Transformation Committee is charged with “overhauling and modernizing” the structure of NCAA governance moving forward. And some of the potential changes would pretty significant.

Dellenger is reporting that the scholarship limits, recruiting dead periods, staff limitations and transfer portal windows are all things that could see changes. Those are just a few areas where changes could come.

From SI:

Several athletic administrators and college sports insiders discussed the Transfer Committee’s concepts under the condition of anonymity. They include (1) eliminating scholarship caps on sports that offer only partial scholarships; (2) abolishing the limitation on the number of coaches per team; (3) expanding direct payments from schools to athletes; (4) reconfiguring the recruiting calendar; and (5) implementing closed periods in the NCAA transfer portal. At least the first three items will be left in the decision-making hands of individual conferences, if the concepts are approved.

Emmert will continue to serve as the organization’s president until a new president is selected or until June 30, 2023. But it doesn’t sounds as the Transformation Committee plans to wait to start working on changes for the NCAA.