The NFL is planning to move forward with its 17-week schedule with fans filling the stadiums this fall, according to a recent report from ESPN.

Over the weekend, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported that the league is preparing to host an entire 16-game season in 2020, despite the uncertainties with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. League spokesman Brian McCarthy said that the season-opener is even still set for Sept. 10.

“We plan to start on time,” McCarthy told ESPN.

Along with the release of its regular season scheduled — set for May 9 — the NFL will also continue on with the release of its preseason games, including the annual Hall of Fame game. McCarthy didn’t eliminate the idea of making potential adjustments to the schedule if necessary.

“If we have to make adjustments, we will be prepared to do so based on the latest guidance from our medical experts and public health officials and current and future government regulations,” McCarthy said. “We made adjustments and conducted safely and efficiently key offseason activities such as free agency, the virtual offseason program and the 2020 NFL Draft.”

One of the potential solutions to getting sports back in a timely manner is to prohibit fans from attending games, or potentially hosting contests and teams at neutral-site locations. Right now, that is not the plan for the NFL.