Professional football hasn’t quite seemed the same since Peyton Manning retired. Sure, it’s been a few years, but the Hall of Fame quarterback provided so many memorable moments that he’s still one of the most-missed figures of the game.

But Manning could potentially be making a return to the sport in a non-playing role.

Manning has been sought after as a commercial man, a potential analyst for Monday Night Football, and now as a general manager. According to a recent report, the New York Jets are interested in talking with the former quarterback about a front office gig with the organization.

Mike Florio of NBC Sports recently reported that the Jets will likely target Manning as a potential replacement for recently fired GM Mike Maccagnan.

“It’s more than a talent evaluation guy,” said Jets CEO Christopher Johnson after Maccagnan’s firing. “I want a great strategic thinker. A great manager. A communicator. Someone who can collaborate well with the building. And I’m convinced we’re going to find that person.”

Manning had an incredible NFL career, but he has no front office experience. That hasn’t been an issue for some organizations in the past, but as the Jets have fielded abysmal teams so frequently as of late, the organization needs to hire the right guy.

The Jets may be willing to take the risk to try and right the ship.