It wasn’t that long ago that college athletic directors were confident that there would be a college football season and that it would begin on time. At worst, it appeared that there could be a slight delay to the first few weeks of the season.

Oh, how things have changed.

A recent survey conducted by Stadium’s Brett McMurphy shows that almost 75 percent of FBS athletic directors believe that there will be a delay to the start of the college football season. In addition, 36 percent of athletic directors believe that a conference-only schedule will be played and 31 percent think the season could be moved to fall.

Those numbers have doubled over the last three months, when the survey was first conducted in April.

“I am worried about playing a season and hope we are not selling our soul just to play a season,” a Power Five AD told Stadium. “I truly believe we will have games canceled.”

Only seven percent of ADs believe that the season will be canceled completely.

With spikes of COVID-19 in parts of the country, as well as outbreaks on some campuses, there’s decreased optimism that the college football season will happen. At the very least, it appears that games will be pushed back at least a few weeks.

Basically, there’s still an incredible amount of uncertainty at this time.