The Rose Bowl was in danger of losing its place in the College Football Playoff expansion. Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger reported that an agreement is in place to amend the Rose Bowl’s contract.

This will allow the Playoff to expand as early as 2024 from four teams to twelve. The Rose Bowl is one of the most iconic bowl games every year and fans would surely have missed it if an agreement was not reached.

Dellenger expects that the College Football Playoff will announce the twelve-team expansion very soon.

Rose Bowl Management Committee chair Laura Farber discussed how supportive they were of the College Football Playoff earlier this season.

One of the reasons that the Rose Bowl had to go through these negotiations was because it is one of the only New Year’s Six bowls to have an independent contract. The bowl game also reportedly wanted to keep its broadcast window of 2 p.m. PT on Jan. 1.

We’ll keep you updated on when the bowl game will be shown and any further details that come out.