For the first year in his new role, it was not mentioned how much new B1G commissioner Kevin Warren would be earning. A recently story from USA Today reveals the numbers.

According to Steve Berkowitz, Warren’s official start date with the conference was Sept. 16, 2019 and received a total of just under $1.2 million for the calendar. That means that the commissioner would receive approximately $4.1 million for a full calendar year in the job.

From USA Today:

Pay for the Big Ten’s new commissioner, Kevin Warren, was disclosed for the first time on the conference’s new return. Although his biography on the conference’s website says he “officially began his tenure” on Jan. 2, 2020, the return says his start date was Sept. 16, 2019, and he was credited with a total of nearly $1.2 million for the calendar year. Annualized, that’s about $4.1 million.

The return said Jim Delany remained with the conference through June 30, 2020, and for 2019 he was credited with a total of just more than $8.5 million. That included more than $2.8 million as the second full year’s worth of money from the more than $20 million in future bonuses for which he became fully eligible in July 2015 and began receiving in 2017. The conference said Thursday that, also in 2015, a consulting agreement with Delany was put in place that will last at least until 2023.

It was also reported on Thursday that the B1G led all conferences in revenue for the 2020 fiscal year. The league received $768.9 million in total revenue and distributed $54.3 million to its member schools.