What’s the worth of a five-star athlete to a university or an athletic department? That’s a question that we thought my be relatively immeasurable for a long time. But a recent study from Ohio State University may have nailed down a number.

According to a study from Ohio State University, five-star recruits increased revenue for their schools by an average of $650,000. The recent study was accepted for publication in the Journal of Sports Economics.

The study evaluated the recruiting rankings from Rivals.com and looked at the years 2002 through 2012. In addition to the $650,000 that five-star recruits bring in, four-star recruits bring in approximately $350,000 and three-star prospects average $150,000 in revenue.

So how did researchers come up with those numbers? According to Cleveland.com, the effects recruiting had on team performance was evaluated, followed by how team success impacted revenue.

“The best recruits had a significant impact on team performance and their ability to appear in the most lucrative postseason bowls,” said Trevon Logan, an Ohio State economics professor.

From that 2002-12 timeline, it was discovered that five-star recruits improved a team’s chances of reaching a Bowl Championship Series game by four percent. It did not incorporate the recent change to the College Football Playoff or New Year’s Six bowl games.

It’s an interesting study given the current climate with college athletics, as there’s growing momentum for student-athletes to be compensated in some way, shape or form for their performance on the field.