Suspended Virginia Tech football player David “Isi” Etute has been indicted on second-degree murder charges after an April incident, according to a report by the Roanoke Times.

Etute was preparing to start his football career at VT when he was arrested and charged in the death of Jerry Paul Smith.

Reports state that Etute is accused of killing a man he mistook for a woman, after they met through a dating app. Etute was matched on Tinder with someone named “Angie” for a sexual encounter on April 10.

According to statements by police, Etute returned to Smith’s Blacksburg apartment May 31 to determine if Smith was a male or female. After groping Smith to determine his gender he began punching him resulting in Smith’s death.

Etute was suspended from the VT football team, and has been allowed to remain free on a $75,000 secured bond. He has been required to live with his family in Virginia Beach and be monitored electronically.

According to the newspaper, a timeline for the case will be worked out at a hearing set for Nov. 18.