An offensive lineman at the University of Arizona has found himself suspended by the team for violating the program’s COVID-19 policy. reported the news earlier this week.

Edgar Burrola, a redshirt junior offensive lineman out of Las Vegas, has been suspended by the team for violating the COVID-19 policy in place. He does currently remain on Arizona’s roster for the 2020 season.

It’s unclear what policy Burrola violated, but head coach Kevin Sumlin made it clear that he cannot tolerate any actions that do not take protocol seriously.

“There’s some people that are saying that we’re making guys do this, we’re making guys do that,” Sumlin told “What we are making them do is go through the protocol. And if you’re not gonna adhere to the protocol, then we can’t have you here.

“It’s my job to protect and uphold that protocol for everybody else that’s involved in this organization — players, coaches, administrators, medical (personnel). You’ve got coaches’ families. If you’re not gonna pay attention to the protocol, wear a mask, all that other stuff, we just can’t have you around.”

Arizona’s athletic department requires student-athletes coaches and staff to wear masks/face coverings and staying physically distant during team workouts. Despite the disruption, student-athletes have continued to train at the university.

Burrola appeared in 11 games for the Wildcats last season, making 6 starts.