There’s already been numerous changes to the 2020 NFL Draft with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the league to alter its plans for the annual event. Adam Schefter is reporting there many be one additional caveat for this year’s draft.

Not only will the draft be held virtually — likely with the help of ESPN and NFL Network for a studio show — but personnel may not be able to meet at their respective team facilities for the event. Instead, teams are preparing to move forward with the virtual draft from home.

Despite the ongoing public health crisis, the NFL Draft is still scheduled for April 23-25.

Schefter also reports that teams are awaiting a final decision from the NFL on that matter.

The league’s decision to continue on with the NFL Draft with the ongoing situation has received mixed reactions. Some teams, fans and reporters believe it’s an insensitive time to carry on with “business as usual,” despite the league taking necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of players, fans and league personnel.

Others believe that, because the draft can be conducted virtually, it will provide a nice break from reality while all other sports-related contests and events are placed on hold.

It should be one of the more memorable and interesting drafts we’ve seen for any league.